Perhaps your business has outgrown its existing electrical capacity, upgrading from a standard 200A service up to a 400A service.  Or maybe you're looking for redundancy to reduce operational risk - if one service goes down, the other will kick into gear. 


We have over 100 years combined experience in working with heavy duty commercial and industrial electrical services.  Whether a small business upgrading to a 400A service, or a national manufacturer in need of a 4000A redundant system, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide all the power your company needs, and advise for future capacity considerations.  


One important aspect of a business is outdoor and parking lot lighting.


A well-lit parking and outdoor area enhances visibility, improves security for your customers and employees, and casts a favorable impression on your business or company, branding, and advertisement opportunities afforded by strategically placed outdoor lighting. 


Our highly trained team of lighting technicians know about proper lighting design and installations. We have the most accurate parking lot lighting repair cost saving solutions, to maintain your parking lot lighting repair systems and save you money.


The electrical panel administers electricity throughout a business.


It distributes electrical power into subsidiary circuits. You’ll often see the power divided among rooms or large electrical appliances.  The electrical panel contains a circuit breaker, which halts energy flow when it becomes hazardous. When a breaker is automatically activated, it stops electrical current by interrupting the flow.

A fuse is also a safety mechanism within electrical components that protects against abnormal and strong currents. Unlike a breaker, a fuse must be replaced after it operates. However, a fuse is generally less expensive and more simple to install.


Most commercial lighting currently installed falls into three camps: HID, fluorescent, or LED.


Facilities that are still primarily lit with HID or fluorescent fixtures require a greater amount of maintenance than facilities that are lit by LED. The most commonly replaced lighting components are as follows:

We'll replace your nonfunctioning lamps, and ballast, whille also checking up on lighting controls and equipment such as astro-clocks, timers, and photocells to keep your property well-lit and functioning at full capacity.












big ass fans


We'll replace all outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more energy efficient products that require less power.

O'Carroll Electric can manage your project from start to finish by providing professional lighting advice


In addition to providing energy and cost savings, our LED retrofit solutions also improve quality. Lighting quality impacts a variety of factors that lead to greater productivity and safety in industrial facilities and other workplaces. Technological developments have produced lights with greater output capacity and improved consistency. Newer technologies provide better quality lamps with improved color and reduced flickering.. 

custom metering

A branch circuit is part of the electrical system that originates at the main service panel and feeds electricity throughout the structure. There are 120-volt branch circuits that supply power to standard outlets and fixtures, along with 240-volt circuits that power major appliances.

Both 120-volt and 240-volt branch circuits can vary in the amount of power they deliver—a quantity measured by amperage. Branch circuits for 120-volt circuits are usually 15-amp or 20-amp circuits, although occasionally they will be larger than that. For 249-volt circuits, the amperage is more often 30-, 40-, or 50-amps.


Fast-moving businesses have rapidly-changing power needs - there's times where you need power in a particular location, and you need it there as quickly as possible.

We'll assess your exisiting electrical infrastructure and determine the most effective path to deliver your power needs as quickly as possible.  For example, your electrical infrastructure might enable the power draw in a particular location but would put stress under current structure.  If that's the case, we'll lay out a plan for a capacity expansion so you know where you stand as far as electrical capacity. 


We do machine connections for dozens of customers - laser cutter, steel presses, rooftop units, chillers, feeders, and any other high-consumption machinery.

Our electricians can complete connections efficiently and safely.  With years of experience as industrial electrical contractors, our highly-skilled, staff electricians are the best in the Chicago area and beyond.

surge protection

Heat trace systems are an electrical technology that keeps your outdoor pipes and raceways safe in freezing conditions.  These systems are progressing in their technology, often automatically controlled through a temperature and sensor.


O'Carroll Electric applies installs reliable heat trace systems that are simple to maintain and operate.  We create turnkey heat tracing on any scale - safely, efficiently, and competitively.  

code correction

Until recent years, directional boring was only an alternative solution when excavation or trenching wouldn’t work for the project scope . But today, directional boring is fast becoming the preferred solution for many clients.

Directional boring is basically a “no dig” or “trenchless” technology utilized to install underground piping and conduit. It eliminates the need for surface excavation in the installation of underground gas, electric, water and telecommunication lines. Depending on your soil conditions, environment and budget, directional boring may be best suited to your project.


As a leading plant relocation electrical contractor, we provide all necessary relocation and electrical services needed to ensure that your factory or plant continues operating and functioning regularly.

Our electrical services encompass every electrical aspect of plant and facility relocation. This includes machinery and equipment, generators and transfer switches, general wiring and lighting upgrades, as well as power factor correction, power installation, IT, and server room wiring.

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We are certified ComEd Energy Efficiency Installers, qualifying your business for lucrative rebates and incentives. 

Anything that helps improve the energy efficiency of your building (reduces your consumption, given constant usage) qualifies for incentives.  LED retrofits are the major opportunity here, allowing you to implement energy efficient fixtures.

We'll handle the application processes entirely.

Founded by Kevin O'Carroll - a master electrician with 35 years' experience - O'Carroll Electric has served the Chicago area with skilled union electrical construction since 1994.  We field the industry's best-trained technicians with a team of veteran engineers, estimators, and project managers that deliver projects on time and on budget. 

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and uphold industry-leading safety standards.





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