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Power infrastructure for new construction up to 1M sq. ft. - turnkey electrical install from the main service to step-down transformers, feeders, branch circuitry, lighting, and controls. 


Interior electrical work; custom build-outs for commercial distributors, retailers, dealerships, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and many others


Design and install of distribution equipment to expand electrical capacity in commercial facilities with main electrical services of up to 8000A


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Trenching, boring, and excavation for underground power and wiring; site lighting, chargers, underground feeders, and fault location


Generator backup and UPS systems for critical infrastructure


Installation of lighting fixtures and systems in outdoor areas, such as construction sites, parking lots, sidewalks, parks, and other public spaces.  Adequate illumination for safety, security, and visibility.


Extensive experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor lighting systems.  
We use the latest LED technologies and energy-efficient products to ensure 


Design and install of Level II and Level III DC chargers.  Experienced in permitting, feeder sizing, wiring, and programming of charging brands including ChargePoint, Eaton, Siemens, and many others

Rebates & Subisidies

Unlock savings with rebates and subsidies for your commercial electrical projects. Our expert team will guide you through available programs, ensuring you maximize financial incentives for energy-efficient upgrades. Invest smartly in your infrastructure and enjoy long-term savings and sustainability

Value Engineering

Experience value engineering with our commercial electrical solutions. We prioritize cost-effective design and materials, ensuring your project meets both budget and performance requirements. Benefit from our expertise in optimizing resources without compromising quality, for a financially smart and efficient electrical infrastructure

ComEd Relations

Benefit from our strong ComEd relations for your commercial electrical needs. Our collaboration with ComEd ensures you receive reliable power and the latest in energy solutions. Trust our expertise to navigate utility requirements and secure advantageous rates and services for your business

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