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Capacity expansion of existing electrical services to accommodate business expansion and elevated consumptions; 3-phase panel installs, transformers, and feeders

Machinery Power

Safeguard your machinery relocation with expert electrical solutions, minimizing downtime and ensuring operational continuity."

Power Mobility

Empower your business with flexible power mobility solutions, enabling adaptable and efficient electrical configurations

Bus Duct and Flexible Distribution

Streamline your electrical distribution with robust bus duct systems, ensuring reliable and efficient power management."


Protect your operations with explosion-proof electrical installations, ensuring safety and compliance in hazardous environments.

Power Drops

Enhance your workspace with strategic power drops, providing convenient and accessible electrical connections where you need them

EM Backup / UPS

Secure uninterrupted operations with reliable emergency backup solutions, safeguarding against power outages and unforeseen disruptions.

Motor Controls

Optimize your machinery with precise motor controls, delivering efficient and controlled electrical performance.

Specialty Fixtures

Illuminate your space with specialty fixtures, tailored to meet unique aesthetic and functional electrical requirements.

Automation & Controls

Master your operations with advanced control systems, offering seamless electrical automation and monitoring

Heat Trace

Protect your infrastructure with heat tracing solutions, preventing freeze damage and maintaining optimal electrical performance.

Facility Optimization

Maximize your facility's efficiency with optimized electrical solutions, reducing energy costs and enhancing operational performance

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